Squash: A New Hobby at Quest

Throughout my life I have always had a deep passion for racquet sports, from tennis, table tennis and now… Squash!

A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner at my host family’s house (If you would like to know more about the Host Family Program at Quest, click here). During dinner, my host sister was curious to know more about which recreational activities we can do at Quest. I told Nina about our endless yoga classes, intramurals, gyms, Squash courts, and more. Nina was impressed how well equipped Quest is, and immediately asked whether I use any of those facilities/services. As a university student I am constantly busy with homework and work, therefore, I do not have much time for many other activities. Excuses, I know!

After that dinner I spend sometime contemplating where my motivation to stay active had gone. During the past summer, I biked a minimum of 10 km per day, did yoga at least three times a week, and worked in a bakery! I even wrote a blog about how easy is staying fit on campus, which you can find if you click here. Thus, I decided to try something new! something out of my comfort zone! I decided to tryout Squash!

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Squash is a racquet ball game, which engages both the body and the mind. It is played on an indoor squash court between two or four players, and it consists of hitting a ball against a wall using racquets. This game is physically demanding, but it also requires patience and thought.

Squash was invented in Harrow School, which is situated in north-western part of London. Squash was invented in 1830, and it rapidly spread to other schools, eventually becoming an international sport. According to the World Squash Federation, in 2009, there were almost 50,000 squash courts around the world with estimated 20 million squash players worldwide.

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You can tell I did my research before trying out Squash.

At Quest, there are two Squash courts, which are available for use during The RecPlex’s scheduled hours. The RecPlex is open every weekday from 7 am to 10 pm,  during the weekend and block break the hours are just a bit shorter. Luckily, the equipment is provided for free as long as we show our Quest ID! This is amazing because as a new Squash player I did not want to invest into an expensive racquet only to realize later that I didn’t like the sport or that it wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be.

photo 1
One of the two Squash courts here at Quest.

The first time I played Squash was with my host sister. Nina showed me some of the basic rules, better ways to hit the ball, and other strategies. I did not do well at all that day, but hey it ended up being a pretty fun game. Since then, I have asked my friend Hannah, from Norway, to become my squash buddy and she gladly accepted. We have been playing squash almost everyday!

photo 3
After 1.5 hours of playing squash. You can easily tell how exhausted I am!

Hannah and I dream of joining a Squash competition one day, but until then we will enjoy our games with lots of running and laughing.





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