Language Tables at Quest

Almost every day in the Quest cafeteria, the sounds of a language I have never spoken caress my ears. Language table are organized by students who want to have an semi-organized space to speak and learn a language. People participate in language tables because they want to speak the language they grew up with, because they want to practice a language, or because they want to start learning a new language. Because the tables are in the cafeteria during lunch, it is a very informal atmosphere which allows for many different people to participate.

This past week I happened to sit with friends who were at the Hebrew and Yiddish language table. On past occasions, I have sat at the French table and the Italian Table. Students have organized Arabic and ASL (American Sign Language) tables as well. If there is a language that you would like to speak or learn, you can create a table for it!

The language table is great way to meet new people, and it might even inspire you to study a language abroad for credit. It is a great opportunity to practice a language that you may have few opportunities to use in your daily life.

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