Keystone Stress

I am a third year so I’m still a year away from the Keystone stress that appears closer the final block of your fourth year. At Quest we have to come up with a Question in our second year that will dictate the direction we decide to take academically. The Keystone project is an attempt to answer that Question. Being a third year I have come to become great and even best friends with many of the graduating class of 2015. Some have even roomed with me but as it goes they have to graduate at some point. But as in past years this time of the years is chalked full of anxiety, stress, and overwhelming expectations to produce something that culminates the countless hours of class and work you’ve done over the last 4 years, Something that you can be proud of. Deciding what your going to pursue before you get to this point is just as difficult for many students so it is important to see that there are options which can address this.

Even though I still have a little while before I begin to really feel the pressure I can’t help but feel anxious. I know what I want to do but getting there is a journey, a journey that I will enjoy. When you complete question block you have a base in which to start preparing. Many students find it hard to narrow their interests down and that can be stressful but once you find your path then you can use the advantages of Quest to begin the journey to the end (graduation). In my case I found what I wanted to do pretty easily. As a geologist there is many projects I could do and there’s no better place to do this then right here in Squamish. Not only does the Coastal Mountain range offer a wealth of opportunities but the complexity and relative unknown nature of many geologic complexes. Now I know that not everyone has the ability to do exactly what they want and that I’m lucky to have all these tools at my disposal but that’s not to say that all is lost.

There are so many opportunities to figure out solutions to suit your needs and those of your desired academic path. Classes are changing every year and input on what courses are available is a student led process. Exchanges to different partner schools across the world can be used to address a academic interest which Quest might not have, business classes are a good example in which going abroad to Zepplin University in Berlin would address. Many of the students who are graduating this year have gone abroad to either take courses they couldn’t take at Quest, do their experiential learning or to get a taste of a different style of learning and living.

Preparing for your Keystone is stressful. Time is not your friend and deciding what you want to do can get difficult for some people but taking your time to find your passion can pay off and Quest’s system will do its best to make sure our educational experience is one that we can enjoy.

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