SRC Executive Minister Elections

Last week the Quest student body elected our new SRC Executive Ministers. Aida Ndaiye, Graham Streich, and James Blumhagen will take up their positions as President, Vice President, and Minister of Finance in the Fall of 2015. The newly elected Ministers will shadow the current students as they complete their year of responsibility, and will take up their new positions at the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The SRC is Quest’s Student Representative Council. Founded in 2007 as a project in a Democracy and Justice Foundation class, the SRC is a crucial component of student life at Quest. It’s mission statement outlines it’s responsibilities as follows: “our mission is to represent students at Quest. Students are paramount to Quest’s continued success and thus their welfare, needs, issues, interests, initiatives, projects, and events are the primary focus of the SRC”( Ten Ministers work hard to represent their fellow students throughout the school year. SRC meeting take place once a week for the first three weeks of block, and are open to the rest of the student population.

Events on campus are generally either organized by SRC Ministers themselves, or initiated and organized by students with funding and implementation supported by the SRC. The SRC is there to help if you would like to organize a shuttle to an event in Vancouver, if you seek funding for a movie screening, or if you would like to create a full scale music festival (Dancing Bear). As a student body, it can be easy to take for granted the work that these Ministers do. Stopping every once in a while and thanking our Ministers for their hard work is the least we can do for all the hard work they put into strengthening community life on campus.

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