French Movie Series with Julia Frengs

Even though Quest is a small university, I am constantly amazed by the number of well-thought events that happen here. From numerous “Faculty in Residence” talks to big festivals such as Dancing Bear, our campus is almost always thriving full of excitement and enthusiasm. One of the latest events that will happen on campus every second Thursday of each block is “French Movie Series” organized by one of the tutors, named Julia Frengs.

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While this event has been advertised through social media and campus wide emails, I decided to go and chat with Julia personally. In addition, after hearing about the French Movie Series only a few days ago, I thought that this is a great idea that needs to be mentioned in a blog.

Therefore, I emailed Julia, explained what I do for Admissions, and asked to meet so that we can talk in detail about this event. Even though, we had never previously met, Julia replied within a day and showed great interest and passion about my idea. Through our meeting, I learned more about Julia, her passion about foreign languages, her experience at Quest thus far, and also about the event itself.

On Thursday morning, I went to Julia’s office. After introducing ourselves to each other, and making sure we can pronounce each other’s names correctly we began the conversation. Before talking about the French Movie Series, we talked more about Julia’s personal experiences.

At the age of twelve years old, Julia Frengs, moved to Paris, France with her family. There she attended a bilingual school, which inspired her passion for languages and literature. Upon return from France, Julia continued high school and then followed her dream, which was studying foreign languages. Julia holds a BA in both French and Spanish, and an MA in French literature. She taught French for two years at the University of Oklahoma, and then completed her PhD studies at the University of Maryland. Afterwards, Julia moved to Hawaii with her husband, where she taught French grammar and civilization at the University of Hawaii.


Julia joined Quest faculty in 2014, as a Teaching Fellow. When asked about her Quest experience thus far, Julia said, “I love Quest. I definitely feel spoiled here.” Julia’s main objective is to spark students’ interest in France and the French-speaking regions, and to encourage them to navigate the world outside of their comfort zones in French.

I loved hearing Julia say such positive things about Quest and how happy she is here! 🙂

Our conversation went on for quite some time, but then we had to go back and discuss about the reason of our meeting – French Movie Series!
Julia believes that films are a great way to get the whole Quest community involved, regardless of whether they speak French or not. Even though, the movies are in French, all of them have subtitles. Films are a fun and interacting way of leaning about a country, society, or culture. Thus, Julia believes that through these movies students and faculty will learn a lot while having fun.

I am very excited to see some of these movies, and hopefully work on my French language.

Thank you very much to Julia for willing to chat with me and talk more about this event, which I do not doubt that it will be a major success!


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