FLAME Events Part 1

Now that I’m nearing the end of my FLAME journey, I am reflecting on some of the highlights. There have been many events on campus that I have participated in over these past 3 months. Here are a few of them:

The very first thing I saw on campus was a non-profit organization renting out classrooms to teach young girls about science and technology. I met the woman coordinating it at dinner my first night on campus. She then invited me to come and see how they work. It was truly inspiring watching her teach these young girls and played well into the book I was currently reading (my last touchstone “Clash! 8 Cultural Conflicts That Make Us Who We Are”). I got to see firsthand the difference between Western and Eastern manners of education.

IMG_8686 IMG_8688 IMG_8689



Another large event happening when I arrived was the filming of a large Bollywood film with a well-known actor Imran Khan.


IMG_8737 IMG_8772


One of the events for competing houses (like at Quest, there are teams of students who do activities to win their “team” points that are tallied up at the end of the year) was pool volleyball and battle of the DJs in the pool on campus.



Another competition event was a dance routine! They were INCREDIBLE. Getting to see a mix between Hindi and English songs and the dances to go with them was surreal. I have so much respect for the students and their abilities to merge the two cultures. IMG_9267


Some women came from Brazil to go through a workshop with the president of the school. She was teaching one of my courses at the time and so we were invited to attend the opening ceremony of sorts with the Brazilians. They put on a presentation about Brazil and the differences and similarities between the cultures of India and Brazil.



One of the events organized by the music club was “Christmas carolling.” We started in November and met multiple times a week to prepare for a night of singing Christmas songs on December 23rd.



An event leading up to the big sport’s fest that the school hosts was a scavenger hunt. Teams (of the organizing committees for the event) competed against each other doing random tasks around campus. Some included eating a huge amount of bananas and crackers, doing push-ups/sit-ups, etc.



For the second time in FLAME history there was a Halloween dance on October 31st. Anyone interested dressed up and headed to the outdoor volleyball courts (I was bamboo). There was student DJ and crazy lights.


IMG_8855 IMG_8871 IMG_8808 IMG_8820


The cafeteria (or “mess”) often has posters outside advertising certain things. Sometimes there is a booth inside revolving around an event. On “Disability Day” there were posters, stickers, and print-outs of information, as well as a paper you could sign in support.



While I’m used to the fast-pace life of academics, co-curriculars, and multitudes and multitudes of events each day at Quest, it has been really neat to see how another school runs their on-campus activities. These were definitely some of the highlights of my trip.


Until the next round,


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