Refreshed For The New Term!

After 4 months of intense blocks at Quest, it was nice to have a few weeks back home with family and friends. Some students take this time to go on an adventure while others go back to what they call home to spend time with their families. I decided to spend the weeks in Bellingham at my parents home, where friends would also be home from school. A good friend, and roommate here at Quest came home with me for a few days at the beginning of break. It’s always fun to show a friend where you grew up and hang out in a new environment.

Quest is everywhere! I ended up running into a classmate who was visiting Bellingham, at the bank the teller asked if I knew of some current students, and while at a christmas party some parents of high school students asked me about the application process. When I was first looking into Quest just a few years ago it was rare that I told someone about the school and they knew anything about it. Now it seems that the school is out there a lot more, just in a few years a lot more people are aware of Quest.


IMG_1653The weather was fantastic! I went on a lot of walks and explored some new beaches. Going home can be hard sometimes, after being on your own for a while. I’m going on my 4th year out of high school and away from home, so going back is different now. I always enjoy visiting with friends and family, but after about a week I’m ready to be on my own again. Taking time to get outside and explore new places helped me stay happy while home. IMG_1664Having a longer break allowed for me to get some projects done that I had been wanting to complete. I took a lot of time to relax, do some projects, visit with friends and sleep. IMG_0898Friends and I played a lot of games, the photo above was a new game I learned called Qwirkle. We played late into the night and shared stories of our adventures at different universities. Hearing about friends experiences at other universities is always interesting. There are so many differences compared to Quest, so it always takes a while to explain our way of doing things. IMG_0963I brought in the new year with friends at a masquerade party downtown. It’s crazy to think that it’s already 2015! Back at Quest I’m ready for a new semester! Students, faculty, and staff all seem well rested and ready for another awesome term! We have a great group of new faces on campus, either here on exchange, back from time away from Quest, or starting their 4 years at Quest in January. I’m excited to see what this new year brings to the Quest community.



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