Questival: The Grand Finale

Being part of the Questival committee this year, allowed me to learn more about the hard work that goes behind planning and preparing for this event. Questival, as Barbara wrote on her blog a couple of weeks ago, is an annual end of the year celebration at Quest.

Questival is one of the longest traditions at Quest, which was organized for the first time in 2007.

Each year Questival changes in regards to themes, types of dinner, and decorations. However, some traditions remain the same, including David (President at Quest) dressing up as Santa, Melanie’s (Dean of Students) end of the year quotes, and numerous games around the venue.

All the members of the committee worked really hard to make this event as fun as possible. Each one of us was involved in a different subcommitte such as decorations, international, food, entertainment and more.

The event consisted of two dinners (you could choose either 5:30 PM or 7:00 PM), reception including lots of desserts and drinks, and multiple performances.

I attended the 7:00 PM dinner, which was a buffet style. The dinner consisted of turkey, tofu turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and stuffing. It reminded me of Thanksgiving, a very fancy Thanksgiving.


After dinner, he headed to the third floor of the library building, where reception was being held. There were different kinds of desserts from all around the world from vegan pumpkin pie to South American coconut dessert. They were delicious! And of course apple cider kept us warm throughout the night.

A lot of work went into Questival, but it was amazing seeing the final product and hearing everyone talk about how much fun they has.

I cannot wait for next year!


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