I’m Ready for a "Silent Night"

Well it’s been quite the adventure this season, with somewhat of a steep learning curve as a counsellor newbie. After my 8 weeks of traveling, I had 10 extra pounds I had found somewhere along the way in the numerous restaurants I was eating in each night, I found myself addicted to checking my emails as though it were a second Facebook, and I was cautiously skeptical of actually being able to spend more than a few days in my own bed! When I got back to the office, it was eerily quiet as most of my fellow road warriors were still out and about in the world. Most students too were steering clear of me, frantically trying to put together their application before the December 1st deadline. As it drew nearer and nearer however, I started getting more transcripts, essays, photos, musical pieces, poems, and drawings than I could have even hoped to keep up with! But slowly and surely I read each piece and fit in a 30 minute interview with all of my Early Action applicants. There are some extremely cool and talented folks out there who make me wish I’d had some of the amazing travel, volunteer, and educational experiences they had!

After presenting each of my applicants individually to the committee and sending out decision letters, we all celebrated with a rather delayed turkey dinner with our whole office. It’s nice to be through the big push and have a few minutes to breathe before we hit the ground running again next term. We even had enough time to rearrange the office cubicles a bit. It’s amazing how large 10 extra inches feels! (Yes I’m thoroughly excited about my almost one foot of extra room.)

Now, as I sit here, listening to Audrey Hepburn’s sultry voice sing me into the deepest of daydreams with “Moon River”, I too am ready to drift away, perhaps through a good book and a cup of tea in front of my parent’s fireplace in the snowy state of Colorado. Wishing everyone the merriest of wintery seasons and a happy New Year!

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