Questival: Preparing for the Big Event

Questival is a classy, end of the year celebration at Quest. This event has become an annual tradition, encompassing a different theme each year. This year’s theme is Night Circus; thus, there will be lots of balloons, blinking lights, and streams. We will have a full sit-down, buffet style dinner, which has been funded by the Student Representative Council SRC).

The dinner will be followed by a reception. Which includes a live jazz performance, Quotes of the Year by our Dean of Students Melanie, an incredible performance of the Quest Choir, followed by the Improv group, a fun photo booth with David Helfand dressed as Santa Claus to keep the memory of a great night, and to complement the dinner international desserts.

Moving things around, getting ready for the big night!
Moving things around, getting ready for the big night!

As part of the organizing committee, I know the hard work that was put into organizing the event: several meetings, decorations, food options, selecting a theme, and so on. We are getting really excited for it and the decorating has already started.

In an attempt to make the event multicultural, we asked students to send pictures of their end of the year celebrations and designed an amazing display with them. We also asked them to send in songs from all over the world in order to compile an entertaining and diverse playlist for the dinnertime.

International display :)
International display 🙂

The 3rd floor of the Library building looks fabulous with 300 balloons that made the space cozy and fun.

It is incredible to be able to organize such an important night in which the entire community gets together and has a great time while wearing beautiful dresses and fancy suits.

Setting up the stage.
Setting up the stage.

I am very excited for the event tomorrow, and cannot wait to share this experience with my friends at Quest.

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