Gingerbread House Making Event

Last Friday, Admissions hosted an Ambassador appreciation event, where many ambassadors gathered into groups and built various Gingerbread houses. We had cookies and hot chocolate (with marshmallows), listened to Christmas music, and shared many stories from childhood.

I remember the very first time I built a gingerbread house. I was enthusiastic, kept jumping up and down, and shared with everyone how I had seen gingerbread houses on TV and Internet but never actually got to build one. This year, as an experienced gingerbread house builder, I was determined to do an amazing job and leave everyone astonished.

All jokes aside, I actually built my very first gingerbread house only a year ago, and in no way was I experienced. I knew that the house was probably going to be disastrous, but at least I knew that I was going to have a great time with my friends.

Before dividing into four groups, we first brought all the materials we needed. There was a lot of candy, icing, gingerbread, and ginger biscuits. It felt like I was living a kid’s dream. We also had lots of hot chocolate that kept us warm, and accompanied the event with music that made everything feel even more festive.

photo 3 (2)

Ellie, my roommate, and I were building a gingerbread house together. We thought of building multiple smaller houses, rather than a big one. Thus, we decided to build a village with four houses and multiple driveways, all decorated with lots of candy, icing, and biscuits.

photo 2 (2)
After working hard for quite a bit, we were ready to show the judges our masterpiece. I looked around and saw the other group’s work. I was amazed what some of them had come up with, such as making a Salmon fish out of gingerbread to building a very tall structure.

The judges were two of the most important figures at Quest, David Helfand (President and Vice-Chancellor at Quest) and Toran Savjord (Vice-President at Quest). After they listened to our explanations of the gingerbread houses and a careful observation, they decided to announce the winner.

The winning Gingerbread house was the tall structure, which came with a green roof and a balcony.

photo 3 (1)

Like all the other Admissions events, gingerbread house making turned out to be a lot of fun. I cannot wait for even more similar events in the future.


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