Student Speaker Series!




One thing I really enjoy about Quest is the learning that goes on outside the classroom. Everyone brings such different knowledge, that is clear to see during time outside the guided class time. This year Emily a floor-rep has decided to open her room up and organize The Student Speaker Series. It gives students a chance to lead a discussion and share their knowledge about a specific thing to their fellow student body. Emily has asked some students if they would like to lead one of these talks, but many have come to her looking for this avenue. Typically the leading student or students give a brief introduction and share their knowledge of the issue, project, theory, etc. and then open it up for questions and a broader discussion.


I have really enjoyed attending these talks and listening or contributing to subject areas outside of my knowledge of area of study at the time. It has been a nice break in the week to go to a talk lead by students for students about a topic that does not relate to my class.

This is just one avenue students are able to share their knowledge and excitement with others. So many students have done incredible things and have an understanding of an area or experience that is so valuable to share with the broader community. We seem to have a good amount of discussions on campus about current issues, or worldly events.

Below are a few more examples of the talks that have happened on campus, all lead by current students.



I’m excited to see what the next Student Speaker Series will be! Everyone has such amazing stories and wisdom to share!

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