North West Winter Fest

Normally upper campus is pretty quiet on Saturday nights, but this weekend the loading bay underneath the library building was full of Questies, their artwork, and good music. This weekend, Quest’s Second Annual North West Winter Festival (NWWF) was held on campus. Last year, NWWF took over campus for three nights—the first with student performances, the second with a live band, and the third with a Winter Classics Concert put on by Quest students and tutors. This year, due to the multitude of events happening at Quest in December, NWWF was consolidated into one evening that mirrored the second night of last year’s festival.


However, that consolidation didn’t mean the NWWF wasn’t as successful of an event as it was last year! Because of the consolidation, the organizers were able to use their funds from the Students’ Representative Council to bring in more performers and still showcase the talent of Quest students.

A Quest student and NWWF organizer getting ready to perform with the Bone Frets. Photo cred to Jack Lambert.

The night started off with time to bid on student art and watch “live art performers”. The art performers were drawing and painting throughout the course of the festival, so people were able to watch their fellow students create something right in front of them. There was also a beer garden at the festival featuring craft beers from the local Howe Sound Brewery for those students over 19.

One of the live art performers next to her painting.
photo 1
Two Quest students co-creating a painting at NWWF.


The musical performances began with a Quest student and alumni band opening the show. This band, the Bone Frets (, played at NWWF last year and always provides some pretty spectacular entertainment. If you ever get to see them play, keep an eye out for our admissions counselor Brad Klees on the drums!

The Bone Frets performing their set. Photo cred to Jack Lambert.

After Bone Frets finished playing, Claire Mortifee, an R&B singer from Vancouver (, took the stage.

Claire Mortifee. Photo cred to Jack Lambert.

The headliner for the night was Good for Grapes ( Good for Grapes is an indie-fold band from Surrey and was a ton of fun to watch live. This was the first time I’d ever seen Good for Grapes live, but I had heard some of their music before since one of our Quest students was featured in their latest music video!

Good for Grapes. Photo cred to Jack Lambert.

NWWF was definitely a success! It was a great study break and a wonderful way to start wrapping up the semester. Hopefully this is one of Quest’s traditions that continues to get even better as the years go on.

Questies rocking out at NWWF! Photo cred to Jack Lambert.


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