Residence Council Event: Cookie Drop In!

On Tuesday night my roommate and I were in our room doing homework, as per usual. I was slogging through my biochemistry homework, she writing an essay for her Piano in Society course. Although we both enjoy our courses immensely – so much so that we often bust out cool facts that we’ve learnt in class or from our readings – we are losing motivation. It’s December block – winter break is fast approaching and all we can think about is going home and relaxing for two weeks!

But right at 7:30, we started hearing roaring laughter and yelling. It was coming from down the hall in Darren’s room. Darren is the North Village residence advisor, in charge of ensuring students’ safety, as well as helping maintain the sense of community that is so central to Quest. This day was the “cookie drop-in”, in which each residence advisor opened their doors to share cookies and play fun activities.

Cookie 3 Cookie 7

Darren had just gotten a game called Superfight. It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity, or Apples to Apples. You pick a fighter and two power/problem cards. Your fighter is a well-known character (eg. Superman, Hulk, the Kraken, ..). Your power/problem cards either give you good superpowers, such as the ability to throw fireballs or to be invisible, or cause an impediment like having slippery hands or uncontrollable sobbing. Once everyone has played their cards, you choose who would win in a fight. What I heard from my room was an argument between Thor, who had the power to control any type of machinery, versus a spider that can teleport but goes blind for 10 seconds after use. Safe to say, it gets intense, and it’s hilarious. I was having so much fun that I had to pull myself away after an hour to go back to my work.

cookie 1Cookie 4     Cookie 6

Not only did the cookie drop in give me a study break, but I also met many new people who live in my building. We do have floor events quite often, which are organized by our Floor Rep (similar to an RA), but it was nice to spend time with other people rather than those on my floor whom I see often. The effort that Quest staff and students put in to host events and bring people together is what creates the strong sense of community present on campus. This is facilitated by Quest’s small size – having only 700 students enables us all to gather together, as opposed to a school of 30,000 students.

Cookie 5


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