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Last week as I was giving a campus tour to a group of prospective students, I was asked what kind of social events are held on campus. This is a fairly common question during these tours as people sometimes think that going to a small university means that there are few social events. I have never been to another university so I cannot say with certainty that there are more are less opportunities for social events at Quest compared to other colleges or universities. However, I do think that I would be less inclined to attend social events at a large university where I know only a few people. Being at Quest, with 750 students all living on campus, it is much easier to organize events and in my opinion, enjoy them.

As per my answer on the campus tour, to give an idea about the types of events held, here are five Quest social events that all took place in November, or are going to take place in December:

Mega Trivia:

Mega Trivia has become somewhat a tradition at Quest. Every year, teams made up of each floor/residence come together and compete against each other in a Trivia style tournament. Teams work together to answer trivia questions, write/perform songs and cheers, and build human shapes. This year, it was held at the beginning of November, and there was a great showing from all residences, with almost every floor wearing coordinated costumes. Here is my floor dressed up as a rainbow (we won second place and so were awarded a pineapple):

Photo Credit: Jordan Larson


For those who may not have heard of ‘Movember’, it involves growing moustaches for the month of November in order to raise awareness about men’s health issues, in particular prostate cancer. In order to participate in the Movember campaign at Quest, students put together Movember calendars using student photo submissions and sold them, with all proceeds going to Movember Canada. Throughout the month of November there were also Moustache Mondays: Draw Your Dream-Stache, Craft-A-Stache, Moustache Cookies, and Cookies and Health Post-Its. Finally, at the end of the month there was a Movember Open Mic, which included a Shave or Save event (the auctioning off of either saving a moustache or shaving a moustache).

North West Winter Festival:

North West Winter Festival began last year at Quest and is a large campus event that includes student art, live music and even a beer garden. This year, a Quest Band, Bone Frets, is opening, followed by Vancouver R&B artist Claire Mortifee, and the main act is indie-folk band, Good for Grapes. In addition to the concert, there will also be live art at the event, and a student art silent auction.

Csaba Kiraly: Adward Winning Concert Organist and Pianist

Quest regularly holds events open to the public, including Quest Lecture series and Quest Arts Series. This month as part of Quest’s Public Series, pianist Csaba Kiraly is coming to play a free concert as well as conduct a piano master class where a few students will have the opportunity to play. Prior to the recital, teaching fellow Andrew Haringer is also giving an introductory talk.



Questival is another Quest tradition that takes place every year during the holiday season. It is a semi-formal event that for the first time in several years will include a sit down dinner, as well as a post dinner reception, with entertainment and dessert. David Helfand, will make an appearance as Santa Claus so all students will have the chance to take pictures with Santa/Quest’s President. Now that’s gotta be a no-miss.

These five events are just some of the larger school events that have taken place or will take place. Every month there are also floor events (potlucks, game nights, holiday specific events) and every week there are also an abundance of sign-ups for smaller events where spaces may be more limited.

I can’t imagine that larger universities can do better than this, per capita.

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