Question Block: Literally Questioning Everything

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The past week has been a whirlwind with moments confusion, enlightenment and downright fear. Why is this? This past week has been the first week of the milestone class we are required to take at Quest called Question.

Allow me to explain. The purpose of question block is to pick a question that will guide you through the next two years at Quest. You must also find a mentor that will help you with this question and create a proposal that outlines experiential learning, classes you plan to take, and explaining thoroughly your question and where it may have originated from.

So, why is this process so confusing, enlightening, scary, and every other emotion available?

1) How the heck am I supposed to pick one thing I want to learn in the next two years?

2) What if I change my mind?


Well, it turns out I kind of had the whole question thing a little bit off. Actually, the things that I have been fretting about for the past week are not all that relevant. It’s not about the question, its about the process. My question is something, I have learned, that will change as I learn more and more about my topic throughout the years. Things will happen and I will get inspired and want to learn new things and that is OK! But the valuable skills I am taking away from this block are of researching, learning how to ask the right questions to get the answers I’m looking for, and most importantly getting to explore what I am really interested in(which it turns out is A LOT of things).

Just to give you an idea of the evolution of a question in just one week, I will write down all of my proposed questions thus far, starting with the one I came to class with on the first day:

What is the effect of location on health?

How does environment affect health?

How does the environment affect the spread and treatment of diseases?

How do toxicants affect drug interactions?

How do pollutants affect drug interactions within the immune system?

How do pollutants contribute to the cause, spread and treatment of disease?

Obviously, it is quite a process. However, I am sure that once I am finished the class I will have a much better understanding of the things I would like to accomplish in the next two years of my education and what/who is going to help me achieve that!

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