Early Action Deadline – Working with Future Questies

We are two days away from the Early Action Deadline (December 1st), our first Admissions deadline which gives students the opportunity to find out if they are admitted to Quest by January 1st. I have seven interviews scheduled for tomorrow, and have been interviewing students all week. Leaves

This is a very exciting time of year for us in Admissions. Almost all of the AdmiFilesssions Counsellors are back in the office (except for Brad, who is currently in China), and we’ve had the opportunity to meet the students we’ve been working with the past few months. Because Quest’s admissions process is so different, we get to look at more than grades – our students submit an essay, a high school transcript, and an original piece before having an interview with us. Instead of just piles of transcripts, I have piles of incredible art, inspiring essays, and unique pieces explaining each student’s unique characteristics on my desk.

I have known for a while how talented the Quest student population is – I am continually awed at the range of talents displayed by our students. However, now that I am an Admissions Counsellor, I get to see our admissions process firsthand, and what I’ve realized is that although we have incredibly talented students, the difference is with Quest, every student is given the opportunity to showcase those talents from the very beginning. Our admissions process is different because we acknowledge that you don’t begin and end in the classroom – and your education shouldn’t either. This is why we look at our applicants from many angles, and give you the opportunity to showcase the things that make you you.  Original Work 2

As the deadline is approaching, I’m looking forward to reviewing my applicants’ files, seeing the hard work and effort they’ve put into the application, and continuing to work with them on their journey to becoming a Quest student. We’re a small school, which means our culture is in constant flux with the changes in the student population. Each year we welcome new Questies to leave their mark on the school. But the beauty of our shifting culture is that each individual has the opportunity, and encouragement, to influence Quest, to bring their individual interests, passions, and overall curiosity to our little school on the hill.

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