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I’ve now been at the exchange school FLAME for a month. A month seems to be an incredibly long time and I have two more to go. While I miss the festivities at Quest, especially this time of year as Christmas break draws near, I am still so excited about being here.

Unlike at the block plan at Quest, every day entails different classes for me. I am currently taking 5 courses:

Aesthetics of the Imperfect (Art theory course where we do different activities related to finding the aesthetics in imperfection based on non-western ideas)

Iconography: Meaning and Myths of Icons (We learn about the myths and manifestations of various icons in Hinduism, Bhuddhim, and Jainism)

Life Space, Life Roles, Career Choices (We investigate how we are able to shape our life space and make choices based on the life roles that we are given by society)

Global Course: Dance (Learning some dances choreographed by the teacher in a mix of bollywood, contemporary, and classical)

And I attended a few classes of:

South Asian Cultural Studies (workshop-based course intended to support students through the challenge of researching some ideas within the area of South Asia)

I chose these courses carefully after sitting in on several others. Like everything else, it is impossible to compare courses at FLAME to Quest. Some classes here that I chose not to take included much lecture-style content and information that was laid out in such a way that I could not grasp the relevance to my learning. Another one that I did choose had a heated debate in the first class as the teacher prodded the students with questions and not answers. (I felt so at home). I am able to relate what I am learning in my Icon class with Aesthetics and both with Life Space. I have the ability to spend two weeks, instead of a day on essays. I calculate the time by week and not by day, because each day holds so much variety.

However, meetings for all groups, committees, etc. take place after 10pm, because of the diverse schedules of the student body, I have not been able to truly delve entirely into one subject because my mind is split on many, and I’ve once again mastered the art of procrastination (being given two weeks to complete an essay, does not mean that we begin said essay two weeks before it is due).

I chose classes based on their connection with Indian culture and subjects I would not be able to study independently or back at Quest.

One of my Life Space assignments was drawing out our life spaces and I found how greatly a search for a sense of belonging has influenced me and how my Quest education has become the largest factor of change for me.

IMG_8977 IMG_8980


One of my Aesthetics assignments was to create the most perfect piece of art we could make. Never having considered myself an artist, I was incredibly proud of my work.




The following assignment was to rip up our artwork and turn it into something abstract (so hard to do).

It taught me a lot about my appreciation for outcomes and products and how hard it is to do the unexpected.


Fractal lesson brought me back to my first year foundation math class!


I also tried out a sculpting class that my host invited me to. I made a lion! IMG_9212 IMG_9214


With study spots like these.. how can I not be thrilled to be here. IMG_9240 IMG_9302

Courses are now beginning the heavier bout of work as we are almost finish the first month of classes and I am appreciating the variety, but missing the depth of taking one course each month.

As my friends begin their last block of the semester (and year 2014), I am settling into my schedule and looking forward to my next two months.

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