Training for a Half-Marathon on the Block Plan

This past summer I ran my first half-marathon – the Seawheeze Half-Marathon. Which was an exhausting but an altogether rewarding experience. It didn’t take long for me to want to do it again. I convinced two of my friends from Quest to sign up for the Fall Classic Half Marathon in Vancouver that happened on November 16th. After successfully completing me second half-marathon run I have a few tips for training for a half-marathon (or any distance) on the Block plan.

  1. Make a training schedule and stick to it! : The block plan can get pretty intense and it is easy to forget to exercise when you are overloaded with homework. I found it important to make a weekly running schedule. This helped me to be more consistent with my training.
  1. Run with your Friends: Running with your friends/roommates helps you stay motivated. There were many times when I would not have gone for a run if I hadn’t already committed to running with my roommate. Running with a friend is also a good safety precaution as it is not uncommon to see Bears or other wildlife on trails.
  1. Don’t forget to cross-train: Cross-training helps keep things interesting. When you are training 5-6 days a week, it is nice to switch it up. I attended JF Plouffe circuit training classes on campus twice a week. However, there are lots of other great activities that you can do like biking, swimming, and yoga.

These three tips helped me stay focused over the past three months. Even when I felt that I didn’t have a lot of time because of school work or other commitments I would try my best to get out for a run. I find that running helps me focus and I end up being more productive on my schoolwork. Best of luck if you choose to sign yourself up for a half-marathon!

Myself, Krishni Seasholes, and Corey Franklin after finishing the Fall Classic Half-Marathon

Myself, Krishni Seasholes, and Corey Franklin after finishing the Fall Classic Half-Marathon


Myself running in the half-marathon!

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