Preview Days

I really enjoy sitting in on preview days. Last year as a volunteer ambassador, I won a jacket for participating in the most! Preview days at Quest allow me to share why I’m passionate about Quest, and it’s refreshing to hear all the reasons why my fellow ambassadors share the same feelings. For those who have never been to a preview day, here is what a typical day looks like:

The morning starts off with a talk by our University President, David Helfand, on the qualities and attributes that Quest has that separates it from the typical university. Afterwards there is a student panel Q&A session for students looking at applying for Quest and their parents. Some of the most asked questions are pretty predictable: why did you decide to come to Quest? What is student life like? What do you like about the block plan? Then there are some that are a little off the beaten track. What is the elevation of Whistler? How do students find enough time to sleep? The event is great for learning more about Quest from a student perspective.

After the panel session, both students and parents get to audit a Quest class! To date my favorite was James Byrne’s sample Chivalry and Feudalism class. During the block that I was taking the course, we got to take part in what the demo class would cover, but also decided to sit in on the preview class. The simulation focused on a mock land dispute between a monastery and a group of knights. Both sides had the ability to ratchet up the stakes: the knights could besiege the monastery, attack a village, and burn crops. The monks could call to their saint, raise local levies and excommunicate the knights, ect ect. My favorite part is when one of the parents asked if their group could use Vatican Assassins to attack the knights. (which was promptly vetoed) In the end the monks won after no one would associate with the Knights (including their families) and the knights coincided.


After the sample class, prospective students go on a tour, then sit down with ambassadors for a lunch to answer any last questions they have. There are other presentations regarding student aid and scholarships. These preview days are also great to get answers from students, alumni, and faculty, as well as preview how Quest classes are taught! This event is my favorite activity I get to take part in as an ambassador.


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