Geological Society of America Conference

Geological Society of America Conference

This month was a special one for us earth science students here at Quest. The class to take was “Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences” with Steve Quane. This class allowed the students to focus on individual aspects of their own studies within these disciplines. The big draw for many of the students was attending the Geological Society of America conference in Vancouver. The conference took place over 4 days and had presenters and attendees numbering in the thousands. We were able to attend each day of the conference because we had accommodations in the downtown core. Although the days were long, 7:30AM to 5:00PM, the benefits of having attended were unreal. The format of the conference was to have technical sessions for specific topics lead by researchers and experts in that field. This was a place where you were bombarded by information made all the more interesting by the types of people leading them. In the grand ballrooms there were panel discussions on pertinent issues to earth scientists and global issues such as oil exploration and transportation. In the exposition rooms there were posters from graduates and undergrads, a few Quest students had poster too. I made good connections at the conference, which have led me to potential universities to do my graduate studies at, potential job opportunities with mining companies, and invitations to use the labs at the UBC. As an aspiring geologist this really makes me excited for what’s to come in my future career. These opportunities would not have been possible without this class and the flexibility that the block plan gives you at Quest. This is one of the many reasons I picked to come here.

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