First Frost

Winter is coming to Quest University Canada!

We are having a cold snap here at Quest which means digging out the layers for the coming months. After a September and October warm enough for swimming in lakes and basking in the sunshine, the sun has begun setting as I get out of afternoon class and the mountain tops are topped with snow.

This means different things for different people. Those among us who ache for the snow so that we can slide down mountains on sticks (otherwise known as skiing) are impatiently waiting for the clear blue skies to disappear so that those mountain tops turn into whole mountains topped with snow. Others of us would much rather bask in the sunshine for the whole year,  so we cozy up our dorms with paper snowflakes and hot cocoa.

There are events on campus that will work to bring some lightness and relaxation to our lives, such as North West Winter Fest and a Square Dance. North West Winter Fest will feature local musicians, as well as an art auction of Quest student’s work. The Square Dance will provide a space for the community to come together with a Vancouver band and dance the night away in a safe and comfortable environment for all.

November is renowned as one of the most difficult months to stay upbeat in. Generally, it rains most of the time, and as the sun sets earlier and earlier, it can feel as if we are constantly in the dark. The library provides SAD lamps so that we can absorb the necessary nutrients to stay healthy in this cloudy environment.

In closing, we are embracing this week of sunshine, even if it does mean our fingers tend to be a bit stiff after the walk up the hill to the Cafeteria. I will report back with the first dustings of snow on campus, as I am sure there will be some wonderful snow sculptures of whimsy to share with you all.

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