Working: On-campus vs. Off-campus

Many people have asked me about having a job (or two) at Quest. They are often worried about time management but also realize that making some extra money is important when you have to pay university fees. Below, I’ve broken down both the on-campus job experience and the off-campus job experience – both of which I’ve found incredibly positive!



What: If you have a Need-Based Bursary from Quest you are automatically given an on-campus job, so all you have to do is attend a few interviews so you can be selected for the right one. If you don’t have the bursary you are still able to set up interviews and you may be given a job. There are a variety to choose from including Ambassador (in Admissions), Residence team (cleaning, etc.), library work, bookstore job, reception, etc.

My job is in Admissions. I take people on tours, blog about Quest and life as a student, help out in the office, and help organize some aspects of the Ambassador programme. I work 4 hours a week and it helps give me a bit of income to offset the costs of school.

Where: On-campus means that all of the work you do will be at Quest. This is really nice because you can do homework and quickly walk to work for a couple hours and then get back to work easily.

When: You work a maximum of 4 hours per week and are pretty much entirely in control of your schedule. You can decide when to have shifts based on your class and personal schedule.

How it’s going: I love having an on-campus job! I’ve worked since I was 15 so it’s nice to be able to continue – I like having a set schedule and making money. It’s super easy to make time and to schedule around it because your bosses also work at Quest and know how challenging it can be to manage your time.



What: There are a lot of options for off-campus jobs in Squamish – coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, coaching, etc.

I work at a children’s clothing store called One Small Room which is just a 10 minute bike ride down the hill from Quest. It’s in a lovely location and all the products are sourced from environmentally and socially responsible companies, often run by mothers. I work at least once a week and spend the day interacting with babies and nice families as well as organizing, pricing, and cleaning.


Where: Squamish is relatively small so your job will probably be easy to get to. The bus system runs regularly and has stops in most areas. It is also very easy to bike, carpool, or walk!

When: It depends on where you work but you can specify what kind of hours you want. I’ve found that working one day on the weekend works the best for me. It’s better than working on a school night when you have lots of homework or a test the next day and since it’s the weekend I find I can get my homework done on one day and work the other.

How it’s going: I love having this job. It’s nice to get off of campus and get a change of scenery. Especially working at a children’s store, I’m in a whole different world of babies and families instead of university students and tutors. It’s also a great chance to get some alone time, as I find I spend a lot of time with other people at Quest and don’t usually get much time to myself. Admittedly, it can be a bit challenging because it takes away from homework time, but it’s another chance to learn how to better manage your time. Again, having a bit of extra income is also really nice and takes a bit of the “oh my gosh I’m so broke” stress.


In the end, it depends on what works best for you! Try having a job and see if you’re able to manage your time effectively. I’ve found that I am able to manage two jobs and a full academic schedule, and I love it. The extra money (and probably extra sanity) they provide allow me to continue to enjoy the beautiful things that Quest has to offer (like the mountains below!!), and for that I’m very thankful.


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