FLAME Campus

I arrived on campus last Saturday and it was empty. The week prior had not only been a break from classes in between trimesters, but also the holiday of Diwali.
Campus seems so surreal. So much artwork, so many cool seemingly secluded spots, amazing architecture, you can climb on almost literally any building. I spent the day exploring and climbing up to all the spots I could.
Fountain in the middle of campus:
“Dementors” outside the mess hall: IMG_8695
Skull on staircase up (on building of mess hall): IMG_8696 IMG_8699
Decorated tree (like what happens at Quest over Halloween): IMG_8700
View from staircase up library building of “academic spine:” IMG_8701
Top of library: IMG_8702
The campus is VERY small. It’s incredibly easy to get around. It takes about 5 minutes to get across. It’s about half the size of Quest, but flat. (I complained about not getting enough exercise for most of the first week until I joined a dance class -more information about that to come!) The buildings are all named after some part of Indian culture and/or people. Everything is numbered very clearly and they are almost all right in the middle of campus (called the Academic spine) along one stretch.
There is a pool, golf course, and horses on campus (all of which are connected to a sports option as sports are mandatory for students here).

There are lots of stray dogs, frogs, lizards, birds, etc. on campus. Birds occupy much of the cafeteria that hop around while you eat (I commented today on how I’m getting used to so many things here that when I return it will be strange to not have- such as bird joining me at meals).


There is filtered water on campus and taps all over campus as well. I started off drinking with a filter straw, but within a few days started drinking it straight and haven’t had any problems.

Food is all vegetarian and really amazing (in my opinion). I’ve only had a few upset stomachs and have avoided most fresh vegetables, but started eating them already now (again within a few days). It’s quite mild. I haven’t found anything at all that was too spicy, but there is also raita (yogurt) at almost all meals.

Campus is about 30 minutes away from Pune and about an hour from the main city area.

A free bus runs multiple times every day to take students to and from the city.

*I later discovered that much of the art was props for a Bollywood movie being filmed!

I was nervous about the campus size as in pictures it looks huge, but the first day in daylight it was obvious that it is small and well-designed. One of my favourite parts absolutely are the staircases that lead up many of the buildings and create little caves at the top. I have spent some time of every single day since before here on the top of one of these buildings, typically reading and/or sun-tanning.

One of my favourite spots:


It is BEAUTIFUL and also a completely unreal representation/ a bubble of India (similar to Quest).

I have now seen just about all of campus and am on the lookout for private locations and secret pathways. I will keep you posted.

Until then,


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