Kermode's Get Krazy!

The men and women’s varsity basketball teams home opener is coming up this Friday the 31st of October. The varsity basketball teams historically have done very well, and I believe it’s not just because of the players.

What do I mean its not just because of the players? Yes, the players work extremely hard and practice throughout the year, spend countless hours on drills and preparing mentally. But, one major component of setting Quest teams apart from the rest are the fans they have supporting them. Players from other colleges have been caught saying that Quest is their favourite place to play away games and students at Quest plan to wear bright green clothing in the spirit of supporting their home team.

Men battle for the ball.
Men battle to keep the ball.

To put it bluntly, Kermode’s go Kermode Krazy. We get loud, we cheer, and most importantly we show up — in big numbers. No game is filled with awkward silences or quiet periods. Each second at the games the atmosphere is alive with a common goal of the audience to support their players.

The players, by the way, are thankful to the audience as well. At the end of almost every game they thank us for being the wild, crazy and supportive fans we are. Quest may be tiny, but that definitely does not deter the wealth of support the teams get from the stands.

Girls pep-talk mid game.
Girls pep-talk mid game.

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