Glad To Be Home

Well, five weeks, five states, and (what feels like) 500 hotels later, I am done with my first bout of travels! As I traveled under what I believe truly is the biggest sky in all of the U.S. in western Montana, I passed mountains and lakes, cute little country homes and Mom & Pop shops, and I watched some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. From there I flew down to the Four Corners, and began making my way across Arizona, New Mexico, and finally up into (my lovely home state) Colorado. I did some technical horseback riding across the Sonora Desert in Arizona, learning all about the different types of cacti and I now see myself as amply prepared for getting lost in the desert for at least three days; however, anything over five may be stretching my skills! However, my love of Arizona was abruptly halted when I drove back to my hotel only to find myself in the middle of a torrential downpour and under the brown clouds of some tornado funnels! From there, I drove through the amazing red rocks of eastern Arizona and into New Mexico, where I was graced with the best food known to (wo)mankind—New Mexican green chile! I had, well I won’t admit how much food I ate while in New Mexico, but I did not go hungry! After a bit of great shopping, I left New Mexico, and headed north to Aspen, Colorado, just in time for the trees to show me their rainbow of colors. I made it up the mountain on the very last gondola before they closed the mountain in preparation for the snow, and I was reminded of why autumn has always been my favorite time of the year!


Unfortunately I didn’t get to pick any pumpkins or put up any scarecrows this year, but I met some amazing students, parents, and counsellors alike! I was continuously impressed by the questions and comments students had about Quest, and their curiosity of campus life. I can tell you I am so happy to be back home here in Squamish, and working on campus, even if only for a week before I start off again!

My next two weeks will take me through Idaho, Wyoming, quickly back to Colorado, and then Michigan. Here’s a link to my calendar, and be sure to hit me up if you’re in the area!!

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