Colombian Salsa Night

Last Friday, we had a Salsa workshop at Quest. It was organized by one of our new faculty members, Bianca Brigidi. Bianca has taught history, culture, language, and ethnography of Latin American countries and its peoples. She brought her interdisciplinary research and Salsa dancing skills to the Quest community. To run the workshop she invited the professional Salsa dancer Jorge Posada that has given classes to other schools and universities around Vancouver.

Students carefully watching Jorge's explanation.
Students carefully watching Jorge’s explanation.

Jorge grew up in Bogotá, a city in Colombia near Medellin. When he was older, he moved to Canada and co-founded the Center of Latin American Culture in Vancouver. The Center brings artists from Latin American Countries to Canada and helps them develop their international career. Besides working at the Center, Jorge is a famous salsa DJ all over North America.  Jorge brought his extensive experience in Colombian Salsa dancing and DJing to Quest.

As expected the event was a huge success, the 5th floor of our brand new residence building, Ossa, was full of people giving us their best moves. The workshop was designed for all levels including everyone. The playlist was carefully selected to fit the Latin atmosphere, and chips and salsa were served to complete the set up. It was a great was to kick off the busy weekend!

Action shot of students dancing.
Action shot of students dancing.

At the end of the workshop, I had the opportunity to talk to Jorge and he said he had never seen such a beautiful community. He highlight that everyone was involved and ready to learn. Because of that, he plans to make a space in his schedule to come Quest once a month to teach our students.

This was a nice event to promote dancing at Quest, for everyone who really enjoyed there is the opportunity to attend Latin Partner Dancing every Friday at 4:30, a class run by a Quest student at our new dance studio.

Practicing some new moves of Colombian Salsa

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