A Very Scary Halloween: Quest Coast Sound Radio Style

Party goers enjoying a picnic in the forest. ~photo by Siobhan Barry

As the primary event organizer of the Quest Coast Sound Radio’s Halloween launch party that is approaching, I thought ‘Who better to blog about this cool event, than me?’

The great part about Quest is the flexibility in who is allowed to hold the events and the diversity between the events themselves. For example, last year a student decided they wanted to host the Halloween party whereas this year an emerging club thought they wanted to hold it to promote their new website. This is where I come in. I decided to get more involved in the radio club after I made a country music podcast last year and become the new event coordinator. As we are launching a new website (that will now stream music live 24/7 starting October 31st), we decided Halloween to be the perfect night to celebrate & listen to some great music.

~Haunted photo of Quest students behind campus
Haunted photo of Quest students behind campus ~photo by Kendrick Rudy Dettmers

Speaking of music, it was extremely hard to choose from the talented DJ’s Quest has accumulated. But, we stuck to our roots and got a Quest student that is not only extremely skilled but has been with the radio since is beginning to play a set & help us choose two other DJ’s to open up for him. For the main headliner we looked outside of the community and with the help of the Student Representatives Council (SRC) for funding, we were able to get a well-known disc jockey from Vancouver to come down and play for us.

To set the tone for a spooky Halloween party we needed the perfect location. Luckily, we were able to snag the underground parking lot below our Atrium. In addition to location we were able to purchase decorations, snacks for everyone attending and have a photo booth. All of these details create the potential for a super fun, safe Halloween party.

Although the party has not yet happened the excitement surrounding it is becoming abuzz! I know that I am personally stoked!

This guy can't wait to party either.
This girl can’t wait to party either. ~photo by Kendrick Rudy Dettmers

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