Cognitive Development

Is your baby a genius? Probably not.

In my pursuit of following all things related to the brain and behavior I’ve been in the class “Cognitive Development” for the last month. As things start to wrap up, it’s pretty incredible to realize just how much I’ve learned about children and their cognitive abilities. At other schools this is the type of class that would be taught almost directly from a textbook. At Quest we didn’t get that sort of “luxury”. After learning about some of the basic theories in the first few days we launched into reading heaps of scientific papers. One of the major goals in this class was to link together these papers and their findings, even though many of them had completely contradictory results. Our final project was to create a research proposal on any topic within the cognitive development field. I opted to further explore my question and write a comprehensive proposal to test the relation between processing speed and working memory in children. Overall this was an incredible class that helped me understand cognition in the context of age.

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