Thanksgiving Potluck with Friends at Quest

I have been living in North America for the past three years, which means that I have celebrated the majority of holidays away from home. Seeing my friends pack their bags with excitement or post pictures having fun with their siblings and pets, can be hard at times. However, because Quest employees, students, and faculty always organize different events, especially on certain holidays, being away from home is much easier.

This past weekend, I was once again reassured that even if I am away from my family for certain holidays, my friends at Quest will always help me have lots of fun. On Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving, by organizing a potluck for all the students. This is a kind of event where each of the guests contributes a dish.  There were lots of meals that everyone brought,  from salads and appetizers to a large turkey and lots of salmon fish.

photo 1 (2)
Some of the meals that students and employees at Quest brought for our Thanksgiving potluck.

However, of course the main star of the show was the turkey. Jordan, with the help of his mom (via a long phone conversation) and Will (Student Services Officer), cooked an amazing and delicious turkey. No wonder why when they placed the turkey in the table, the line was extremely long with hungry students.

photo 3 (2)
Jordan sharing the turkey with the other students.
photo 4
Ellie and Barbara waiting in line to fill their plates with delicious meals, warm apple pies, and sweet cakes.

After eating dinner, helping clean the 5th floor of Red Tusk Village and doing some of the dishes, we all stayed for a bit longer and talked with other students. It was really good meeting new students, sharing Thanksgiving stories from past years, and even learning that this was the first Thanksgiving dinner for many of the students.

photo 5
Barbara, Ellie, Martina, and I after a big dinner. We were ready for a nap!

Thank you to everyone that shared their home-made meals and funny stories, will all of us. It was such a lovely evening, and I am very happy that I got to share my Thanksgiving dinner with such amazing people. I am very thankful for my family, new and olf friends, and the education that I am receiving at Quest.



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