Activities and Trying New Things

Balance is one of the most difficult things to attain on the block. While academics are my first priority, I have found that I cannot do the best work possible when I don’t do other activities. Making time for extra curricular activities is something that I talk about with my friends all the time. We struggle to carve out the time to do things other than academics, but we also realize how important it is for our overall personal health. There are so many opportunities here that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Not to mention that it can be intimidating to try things that you have never done before, like bouldering or mountain biking.

Like I said, it can be intimidating to start new activities. The beautiful thing about Quest is that there is always someone who is excited about teaching you new things, whether it be figure drawing or skiing. As someone who doesn’t like looking silly, it was hard for me to get out and try new things. I have realized that you can’t get better at anything unless you take the first scary step (I know, what a revolutionary revelation). But it’s true! That first step into the unknown is the scariest, but it is the beginning of so many fun things. This block break I am going to go surfing for the first time, and I am terrified! But I am also super duper excited to try something new and struggle and (hopefully) learn a new skill.

I have found that committing time to activities has made my time here much more enjoyable than the times I didn’t make that time. Whether it is art or athletics, I am the happiest and the most productive when I have concentrated on something other than academics, even for just half an hour.

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