The First Ambassador Event of the Year

A couple of weeks ago, the Admissions team organized the first Ambassador event of the year. This event included mini-golfing, eating tasty snacks, and getting to know the Admissions team and Ambassadors even better.

We met in the Admissions lounge, grabbed all the snacks and drinks, and headed to the van. On the way to the golfing course, we all shared our excitement for this event, especially since some of us had never gone golfing before. In addition, since the first day of the block had just ended, we all enthusiastically talked all about our courses, tutors, and the topics we had discussed in the class.

After a quick 15-minute drive, we stopped at the Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Club. This is a multi-level mini golf course, which includes a waterfall, multiple cartoon features, and energetic music. It is a really nice family attraction, built with fun in minds. Even though, I tried very hard, I was regularly the last one to finish in each stop. I had gone golfing once before in Bulgaria, but that more than seven years ago. So experience was definitely not on my side. However, taking so long to finish, throwing the ball so hard that it would jump outside, and almost falling, were some of the reasons why we all laughed so hard.

photo 2 (1)
Ellie, the Pro, showing me some mini-golfing techniques.
photo 1 (1)
Vrindy and I, taking a quick break. Vrindy is one of the first students I met at Quest during the orientation. Since she had already been at Quest for a year, I always went to her when I had a question, needed someone to talk to, or just wanted someone to share good news with.

After golfing for approximately one hour, we all sat around a wooden picnic table and started munching on some delicious snacks. We had everything from chips, juice, to fruits, vegetable, and hummus. Almost everything was gone within a few minutes!

photo 3 (1)


This event turned out to be so much fun. We got to know each other much better, share funny stories, and talk about our experience at Quest. This is my second year working in the Admissions team, and I am really happy that I get to work with such amazing people. I am excited to see what amazing things this year will bring.

I hope you get to check out the mini-golfing course, it truly was a great experience.










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