The office is lonely! – Admissions Counsellors are travelling

This year I’m working in the Admissions Office as a Senior Ambassador. During my daily shift I take care of Quest’s social media, review blogs, and help edit and create new material for use by our admissions team, both Counsellors and Ambassadors alike!

It’s been incredible so far! Everything that I’m doing lies not only with my outside hobbies but with my academic interests as well! As I sit tweeting away and interacting with prospective students, students, and other institutions I get sucked in to the world of media and marketing and often find myself getting lost in the Twitterverse and having to force my self out of it because I’ve gone 20 minutes over my shift… whoops!


There has however been one thing I’ve noticed about working in Admissions during the year…..

It’s lonely….

image-2 image

You can see the emptiness and sadness in the pictures above.

Like any good Quest student who has been taught to “Question Everything” I quickly realized the reasons of my loneliness. It’s a pretty good reason too. You see all of our Admissions Counsellors are out traveling around North America as well as the world!

From Hawaii and Switzerland to Boston and Vancouver our Admissions team is going from school to school or institution and talking about all of the incredible things Quest University has to offer to prospective students, faculty, and partner schools or programs.

You can even check their travel schedules by going to this link:

Quest Admissions Counsellors Super Exciting and Totally Worth Clicking Travel Agenda


wow-md copy

I spent a decent amount of time in photoshop for this….

Ok, maybe it’s not that exciting of a link and Q.A.C.S.E.T.W.C.T.A. isn’t a real thing…. BUT! It is a great way to see when a Quest Representative will be in your area! Which in turn is a great way to get more information on what Quest is, what we offer, and how you can start your application process.


So, although the office is super lonely right now, it’s worth it, because it means that next year we will have even more incredible incoming students to share our incredible campus with.


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