Campus Wide Spagetti Dinner

To celebrate the end of the first Fall Block of 2014 all students were invited to their Village Advisor’s condo for a lovely Sunday spaghetti dinner. They put together their extensive experience in spagetti making and provided the entire community with, what some could call, the best spaghetti ever. In reality, it might have been cheap spaghetti and tomato sauce but it was cooked with love, so that’s all that counts.

Pile of tomato sauce, getting ready to cook.

But what could be soooo amazing about a spaghetti dinner?

1. It was a great opportunity to meet new students and talk about their initial experiences at Quest.

2. Great study break for those who are still finishing their final projects. 

3. FREE FOOD!! (When you get into university, hopefully Quest, you will understand this) 

4. Great stress relief being able to talk and laugh so much. 

5. Getting to know the master chef, your Village Advisor. 

At Quest, we don’t have Residence Assistants, RA’s. Instead, we have Village Advisors who bring the community together and take care of the well-being of students. Because Village Advisors are a part of Student Affairs, they work with students on a daily basis, so it is comforting to have familiar faces living in our dorms. There is one Advisor per building, Will lives in Ossa and served delicious spaghetti in the common area of the 5th floor, Adrianne, Red Tusk Village Advisor, and Krista, SouthVillage, served dinner on the lawn between Ossa and Red Tusk, and Daren, North Village, invited students to his condo.

North Village students enjoying the dinner.

Besides all of the clear benefits of this dinner, it shows how the Quest community is connected. Very few universities would offer a campus wide dinner at your Village Advisors home. It also emphasizes that our Village advisors are there for anything we can possibly need, including free food. 

Perfect spaghetti meal.
Perfect spaghetti meal.

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