Block Break Adventuring

The block plan can be pretty intense! You have to be on and really focused for three and a half weeks, which is definitely tiring. But at the end of those three and a half weeks, you get block break—4 days where you can do anything you want to. Sometimes people use them to sleep, some people go home, and some people go adventuring. This past block break, my sister came out to visit me. We stayed around Squamish so I could show it off to her a bit.


We started out block break with a camping trip up at Elfin Lakes. The trailhead isn’t that far from campus, and it’s only an 11km hike up to the lakes. On sunny days, you get a 360˚ view of the mountains—it’s pretty stunning. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and rainy for us, but we still had some pretty nice views of the mountains through the clouds. We got up there pretty late on Wednesday night and did the last portion of the hike in the dark—when we woke up the next morning, it felt like we had never seen it before!


Right now up at Elfin it’s blueberry and huckleberry season, so we picked tons of them for our breakfasts and for snacking.


On Thursday, we hiked back down to Quest late in the afternoon. Friday was rainy as well, so we stayed in Squamish and hung out downtown.

Saturday was sunny and gorgeous. Time for a classic Squamish activity—hiking the Chief. We went up to the second peak, and as always, the view is definitely worth the trek up!


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