CSA Harvest Boxes make residence kitchens happy

Not many things make me happier than coming home from class to a kitchen full of bright, beautiful vegetables. Lucky for me, (and other Quest students of course) as part of a partnership with Ice Cap Organics, boxes filled with fresh vegetables are delivered to campus for students with memberships to pick up each week. Ice Cap Organics is a small family farm located in nearby Pemberton, BC, with a focus on local food systems and natural agriculture.

An Ice Cap CSA Box (photo from icecaporganics.blogspot.ca)
An Ice Cap CSA Box
(photo from icecaporganics.blogspot.ca)

Last week the box I picked up was filled with salad mix, red cabbage, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, beets and lots of other goodies. Even though I’m in a busy block this month, I make sure to use some of the time I have off to cook up some delicious, healthy, colorful meals for whoever is around to eat them. I especially love getting the CSA box because it usually comes with a vegetable or two that I haven’t used in a recipe before. I probably wouldn’t have chosen hakurei turnips off the shelf in the grocery store, but now I know how delicious they are with just a little sugar, butter and salt, or fried up just like potato chips. Even on the block plan when people tend to be crowded with schoolwork and extracurriculars, good food always manages to bring people together. Potlocks and community dinners are easy to find at Quest, and they’re excellent places to try new food, get recipe inspiration, and of course meet some of the best chefs on campus. Even without a stove in your room, communal kitchens provide a space for chefs of all experience levels to learn some culinary basics or experiment with some more daring options.

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