We Won, We Finally Won!

We Won, We Finally Won!


I haven’t seen the men’s soccer team win a game since my first year. Keep in mind that I am now in my final year at this school. It has been a long time coming, and I have never been so proud of the athletics program at this school. In my first year attending Quest I played for the men’s team, we had a pretty good season as I recall. Unfortunately, our playoff hopes were dashed due to an unprecedented situation within the league that allotted wins to every team but ours. After that season I had high hopes for our team, and I could not wait to come back and make the playoffs in the coming year. During a post season training session I received a TBI, for those of you who do not know what that is I will explain. A TBI is a traumatic brain injury; they are unfortunately common among high-level athletes who partake in contact sports. Most people are able to recover within a year; I however was not so lucky. As per usual, things don’t seem to work out the way we expect and I was unfit to play for the coming season, and remain unable to return to the pitch. I guess I have a soft spot for the soccer teams here.

Watching my teammates struggle to overcome adversity, bad bounces, heartbreaking losses, and injuries over the next two years was almost unbearable. I have never seen such a talented and passionate group of young men become so defeated. Yet every weekend they would wear our colors’ proudly, putting their blood sweat and tears into bringing home a victory; all of it was for naught though.

Many of us wondered aloud when the curse might be broken. Finally, in my last year, watching a home game on our glorious pitch the streak ended! I could not believe my eyes, my old teammates rushed the pitch when it was all over, and there were tears of joy in the eyes of the men who had battled for years to finally win. They won for their team and for our school; this team’s indomitable spirit finally brought home the W!

I was, and still am proud of our team. The work these guys pour into their training, and education is staggering, and something to be applauded. So this post is for the Quest men’s soccer team. You earned that win, every single bit of it. Thanks for giving us something to cheer about, and we will see you out on the pitch next weekend.photo

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