Quest Kermodes


Fall at Quest is a pretty crazy time—you’re getting back into school, reconnecting with friends, and trying to make new ones. But it’s also full of activity since the weather is so nice. One of the nicest ways to enjoy the weather, especially on days with a lot of homework, is to sit out on the hill by the RecPlex and watch the soccer games. We have what is probably the most amazing view by our soccer field, and when the sun is out, it’s a pretty great place to be!


Soccer is one of the two varsity sports at Quest. This season has had a slightly rocky start for both teams as players are coming in with minor injuries, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t playing super well. Last Sunday marked the first Quest soccer men’s team win in almost 3 years!

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You also get visits from the Quest mascot, the Kermode Bear, while at soccer games. Our spirit bear stops by the field to hand out candy to fans and get everyone stoked to be at the games!


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