Keystone Project

Keystone arch
The symbolism of the project is fairly clear. Via:

Ask any 4th year what is on their mind and chances are you’ll hear the word “Keystone” come up in the conversation. At Quest, a Keystone is akin to a graduate thesis and it is a requirement for graduating. The basic idea behind a Keystone is to fully and deeply engage with a topic that relates to your question. However, within these parameters there are actually very few restrictions or requirements. People have put on plays, created art exhibits, and done independent research. The only real requirement is that there is a written component, so no matter what you do it better be accompanied by a fairly hefty paper (although there is no official page requirement). I’ve cycled through many different ideas for a Keystone but I have finally arrived at exactly what I want to do and I’m writing my paper right now!

My idea is fairly straightforward and it’s coming together pretty well. I’m focusing on how our memories work and what techniques we can use to improve them. To that end, I’m writing my paper about the history of memory research and the most influential models of memory, concluding with memory improvement techniques.  In addition to this paper I’m planning on teaching a series of classes at Quest that follow the same narrative arc of my paper; giving the students background info into how memory functions before concluding with the fun and practical improvement techniques.

These are the type of fun models I get to look at every day! From Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968)

Given my experience with teaching in the past (see previous blogs) I’m pretty excited to get back into it, and this time I’ll be able to teach my peers here at Quest. Overall I’m happy that I get to do a project that allows me to learn so much about a subject, and then to share that knowledge with others.


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