Because this feels like home

I am Barbara, a second year student from Brazil. When I heard about Quest I was sure that was the right place for me. Since I recently joined the Ambassador team at Quest, I will be blogging about the day to day at Quest!

Me getting ready to come to Quest one year ago.

After a summer away from Quest I am finally back on campus. The way to campus is always exciting and incredibly beautiful. The Sea to Sky highway slowly welcomes us to what is going to be our home for the next school year. Quest is my home and it is full of amazing and inspirational people. Because I absolutely love Quest, I have decided that being an ambassador would be the perfect job. It allows me share our community with students from all over the world and it is a constant reminder of why I chose to come to a liberal arts university in Squamish.

 Sun Set at Sea to Sky Highway.

As I got to campus, I got to see my family. No not my actual family. My friends family. Yes that is a thing. Because our community is so close it feels like we are all a family of 700 people. Getting to see my roommates and moving into my new room felt just right! I got to campus earlier than other students to volunteer as a Q-Rep and welcome the new members of our community to what is hopefully going to be the best 4 years or their lives.

The weather was wonderful and a double rainbow marked the beginning of a new year. A new year full of inspirational classes, amazing people, and incredible adventures around Squamish.

Double rainbow over campus.

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