Quest Crowds

The year has officially begun and the growth of our community is immediately apparent when you come onto campus. With more than 200 incoming students (and another 200 last year), we have finally (and ahead of schedule) reached our capacity. One of the draws of Quest is the small intimate community. While we are much larger than we were before, the intimacy still exists.

A number of students came back to campus early to attend leadership training, prepare themselves and their positions, and welcome the incoming students. These included Residence Council, SRC (Student Representative Council), peer tutors, and some ambassadors. There were comments during a joint dinner that there are now more leaders in the community than there were students in the inaugural graduating class.




People can now get close and cozy sitting on the floor during orientation speeches.




Our annual Spirit Cup events have even more enthusiasm, teams, and activities.




(including zombie tag)



One of the our new events for orientation (created by a floor rep) was called “Letters to my First Year Self.” Students, tutors, staff, and alumni expressed to the incoming class stories, challenges, and excitements from their first year at Quest.



Our monthly community update meeting no longer allows for one large circle and instead we must create a layered one.





Birthday parties fill balconies.


Pancake breakfast takes over the lawn between Ossa and Red Tusk.


Our ballpit leads to many new friends (


Gatherings in the woods are more crowded (seat space is limited)



Our community is expanding greatly. While there are definitely things that will be missed (such as small wine and cheeses that fit in one room or open mics that last less than 4 hours), the benefit of having more people on campus is immense. It’s hard to walk without seeing community members and most people find someone along their way somewhere (such as walking up the hill to class) that they can then join.

Although to be honest, some things might be a bit too crowded now..



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