Brackendale Fall Fair

The Brackendale Fall Fair was in full swing on Saturday-the first weekend of block one. The first week of classes had just ended. There were friends I hadn’t seen in four months, and places I wanted to go. Many Quest students hopped on their bike, or pilled in a car and sped down the hill to see what the fair was all about.

4 Quest students pose in the carnival cutout!

The fair had an assortment of different musical groups from Squamish as well as our own representatives from Quest.

Quest Band!

There were a few different sections of the fair. Lots of kids stands and activities were available. One big hit was the zucchini race. All sorts of zucchinis were displayed (even some painted). There were wheels and pegs to create your own little zucchini car, then line up with others and send it down the race hill.

IMG_1028 IMG_1030IMG_1034



Many individuals and groups were represented at the fair. Some informational booths were set up and many artists and food/farm booths. There was also a contest section, people brought their largest pumpkin, best pie, etc.




IMG_1024IMG_1033  IMG_1040 IMG_1041

Spending time off campus and attending events and gatherings in Squamish is definitely an important part of going to Quest for me. After getting off campus for a bit, I feel re-energized and ready to work and play at Quest . Keeping an eye out for events in Squamish and the surrounding area is important. I regularly check-out the following website to see what is going on around Squamish.


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