Summer at Quest! Gardens and bears oh my!

Hello All!

I thought it would be nice to write a little about what it is like to stay at Quest over the summer. Specifically, the things I was doing other than working. I was here working with the cleaning team over the summer and was very happy to be able to stay in Squamish.

Because I was on campus all summer, I decided it would be nice to take care of the Community Garden. We have a garden on campus that was started by students, and is also looked after by students. It is a great place because you always learn when you work in a garden, but you also relax so it is a good study break.

The garden is a mix of row beds, raised beds, and some other techniques, all of which have been proposed, built and kept up by students. We have lots and lots of things planted. It was especially exciting to start things from seed and watch them sprout, blossom and produce a harvest. The featured picture in this post is the harvest I gathered one day in early September (it also included blueberries, but those may have been eaten before the photo was taken).

On another note, we sometimes have wild visitors on campus, including this young brown bear!10540861_10204573122712392_1669253125206663548_n

Don’t be scared! Just make sure that you are bear aware. There are resources on campus to make sure students know about the wildlife they may encounter in Squamish. We also have some Orientation sessions that speak to this issue as well. All I did was tell the bear that I hoped he didn’t eat all our blueberries, and decided to come back to the garden the next day. It just wanted to explore!

I hope that this post got you gardeners excited about checking out our Community Garden! It is a great resource with lots of opportunity for student led projects, and maybe even Keystone projects.

As for the bears, remember that we are on their land. Keeping trash well managed is a great step in keeping them away from urban centers and into the woods, where they are happiest.

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