Ontario Bound

As my summer comes to a close there’s only one big thing left before the school year starts, going to Ontario. Sadly, I don’t know much about Ontario. I’m from Washington state and though I’ve called Squamish my home for the last three years, I’ve never left British Columbia (who needs to, right?). So come August 15th I’m breaking my BC-centric idea of Canada to see where most people actually live (I hear there’s a big city called Toronto there?).

So what do I know about Ontario right now. I know that it is flatter than BC (but not as flat as Saskatchewan).

Saskatchewan sets the bar pretty high for flatness. Via: http://1.tpstc.com/

I know that there is a lot of lakes (Over 250,000 according the highly scientific forum on lakes I found online).

If World War Three is going to be over fresh water Canada may have to bump up its military budget. Via: http://www.ontariossunsetcountry.ca/

I know that milk apparently comes in bags.

Bagged Milk
Just what. Via: http://media.tumblr.com/

I know that they have the CN tower, which is essentially a Canadian Space Needle.

CN Tower
The CN tower is three times bigger, but who’s counting. Via: Wikipedia

In all seriousness though, I’m really excited to go. I’m going to my girlfriend’s hometown, Simcoe, where she grew up. Since we started dating she’s seen my home of Bellingham multiple times but I’ve never been to the land “where people go to prom on tractors”. I’ll get to visit her restaurants, see her great lake, and ultimately see her brother get married in Waterloo. One week left, brace yourself Ontario.

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