Brace Yourselves! Live @ Squamish is Upon Us!

Hello! My name is Kate and I am one of the new Admission Counsellors here at Quest.  My region is the United States excluding the west coast, which Jenna will be taking over, so I’m excited to travel around my home country and carry on in Brittany’s absence. I’ll be starting off in Indianapolis on September 15th with Chelsey and Keely, including attending the NACAC conference on September 18th. I can’t wait to get started, although it still feels odd being freshly graduated and now being on this side of the desk.

I’ve only been working for Quest for about a week now, but I’ve continued to enjoy the warm Squamish summers for the last two years in a row. I’ve had a few adventures over to Cat Lake for some swimming on the warmest days, and even escaped to Seattle for the Beyoncé and JayZ concert in late July. The next day we went to the ever popular Pike Place Market and my love for tea, donuts, and seafood was once again renewed as we wandered up and down the street.

With everyone in Squamish bracing themselves for the annual Live at Squamish event happening this weekend, I’m happy to be living on the edge of town this summer. Although I’ve enjoyed the chaos and noise of the (few) concerts I’ve attended in the past, this year promises to raise the roof even higher, with 35,000 people arriving today and tomorrow. Good thing I went to stock up on groceries last night! I hope to see many of my fellow Questers around town, and have fun Squamish campers!

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