Job Skills

“Hmm, well this paper on the left has more words on it so we should probabaly give them the job.”

In general, I would say I’m not really a resume person. I enjoy doing things, and I have done things, but I don’t necessarily enjoy reducing my life to a series of bullet form accomplishments. Of course, the world and its traditions don’t really care about my likes and dislikes. Resumes are still the first stage in applying for any job in any position. It’s perfectly reasonable as well, managers want to know that the person they hire has experience in a similar field, or has the educational requirements to get the job done.

When I applied for this job (Admissions Ambassador) in the spring it never really crossed my mind how good it would look on a resume. It was simply something I wanted to do and knew that I could do effectively. Now that I’m nearing the end of my summer with Admissions I can truly appreciate just how many skills I’ve gathered and improved. Like the start of any journey, my eyes have been opened to a world that seems simple in theory and then gets infinitely complex in practice. Being my first real foray into office work I now realize that the bulk of what people do relates to data management, people management, and communication. Even at a small school like Quest we have to be hyper cognizant of how we organize all of our information and communicate between departments. Its mind boggling to imagine how this is done on an even larger scale at huge companies like Amazon or Google, or at bigger schools such as University of British Columbia and University of Washington.

Another more specific skill I’ve got to improve dramatically in is graphic design. Graphic design is something a lot of people want to be good at, but it’s challenging to teach yourself to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator. The best way to learn these sort of programs is to actually embark on real projects with them and learn how to solve problems as they arise. I started completely from scratch at the beginning of summer and now after completing a number of design projects, I am feeling fairly comfortable with graphic design as a whole. After learning to use the program effectively the actual design element comes back that core concept of data management. I have to be able to present information in a visually appealing way that lets readers know all the information they need. If you’ve ever been on a website and spent even a minute looking for their hours, then you’ve been a victim of poor design (see example of a bad website: I’m nowhere near an expert in this area but starting to learn was probably the most challenging step and I’m thankful that this job has given me the opportunity to do just that.










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