Painting the World

Working in Admissions this summer has been great, and one big reason for this is the diversity of the tasks I engage in. I’ve done normal office maintenance, tours, graphic design, and most recently, art.

Admissions is always in the process of evolving their systems to make them better (see earlier blog about analyzing survey results). At Quest, we are always focused on improvement and this philosophy carries over to Admissions as well. One thing we really wanted to do this summer was showcase where our students are from.

To do this, we embarked on a rather elaborate plan involving the wall of the Admissions office. Three weeks ago this wall was painted chalkboard black with some posters stuck on it. It didn’t look bad by any means but in the spirit of improvement we decided that the space could be better utilized. Poema and I painted the wall Quest green and I set about on one of the more artistic things I’ve ever done. I projected a world map on the wall, traced it in pencil, and then painted it white. The final step was to cut out circles with the number of students from each location. I then placed these circles on the map to give a full blown visual of where our students are from.

The finished product!
Pointing to my hometown in Bellingham Washington, exotically located about two hours from Quest.
Poema pointing to her hometown in Kosovo, located about half a world away from Quest.

Overall it was a super fun experience and I think it showcases just how international Quest is. Some people have already pointed out how surprised they were by the diversity of our students. Unlike some other universities we don’t claim to be international while only representing many students from a few countries. For the 2014 – 2015 year, Quest students come from exactly 40 countries outside of Canada.

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