Smells Like Fresh Baked Bread

All photos in this blog post have been retrieved from the Sunflower Bakery Cafe Website.

A usual morning back home always consisted of at least one trip to the neighborhood’s bakery to buy fresh baked bread. I remember the smell it would bring to the house once I would enter the front door, the happiness it would bring among my siblings and the excitement in my mother’s eyes. My grandmother often cooked various stews for lunch, always accompanied by fresh-baked bread on the table. Perhaps best of all (as far as fresh bread goes) is the amazing combination of Nutella and bread followed by a glass of warm milk. This was always a hit in our household.


A few weeks ago, my friend Katie told me that Sunflower Bakery Cafe was hiring. Even though I’m working part-time in Admissions at Quest and babysitting a couple of nights per week, I decided to apply. I could not miss the chance of working in a bakery, meeting new people, and just having all those memories brought back to my life. After submitting my resume and having an interview, the owner called to inform me that I got hired. I could not wait to share the news with my parents and friends in Canada and Kosovo that I got a job in an amazing bakery. I was excited but also very nervous for this new opportunity in my life!


Right after I did my interview, I started researching a little bit more about this bakery. I was surprised by its quality of ingredients,  preservative free products, and the wide range of pastries. Sunflower Bakery Café was established in 1995, and its workers have been producing great tasting wholesome products for both wholesale and retail customers since 1995. I love their philosophy of using top quality ingredients and no preservatives in their products. From the breads, cakes, soups to the salad dressing -all products are made from scratch on location. Sunflower Bakery also sells different kinds of pastries, from scones, apple wraps, muffins, to Belgian chocolate brownies and croissants. They truly taste delicious.


Even though, I have worked at the bakery for only a couple of weeks, I can easily say that the team has become like a family to me. From day one I was accepted with warm hugs, big smiles, and lots of advices. I cannot wait to learn about the job even more, and get to know the employees better.


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