Finding my Inner Chef

As you may know, in your first year at Quest you have to be on a full meal plan, meaning most of your meals will be in the cafeteria. Now, like most things in life, this has some pros and some cons. Pros include socializing, saving time (especially in a busy block), delicious specials, and preventing starvation in those who are less cooking inclined. Cons include having to walk to upper campus to eat dinner, not having the opportunity to cook as much, and possibility wanting more variety by the end of the year. So after going through a full meal plan my first year and a half meal plan in my second year I decided to embrace my inner chef last year and have no meal plan. This was also made easier by the fact that I was now living in Swift Creek (with a full kitchen) and had a car (to get groceries on demand). Despite these incredible advantages the variety of food did not increase too much… Instead of my go to chicken burger at the caf., my go to food options became a stir fry (to avoid scurvy, you’re welcome mom) and quesadillas (because I am a master quesadilla maker). Despite my modest accomplishments in the kitchen I was determined to mix it up a bit this summer.

This may be the extent of some peoples cooking skills at Quest.

The summer is great because I’m not under the same time constraints as during the school year.  If I take two hours to make dinner during a class I miss out on two hours of homework time, which can be pretty rough depending on the day and the class. Last night after an epic bike ride I set out to create a Japanese special, Tuna Don. Now I’m not one to normally take pictures of my food (sorry instagrammers) but with this blog in mind I snapped a picture of my creation last night.

Tuna Don consists of raw tuna, avocado, ginger, marinated mushrooms, and sushi rice. And yes it was as delicious as it looks.

Although I don’t have the budget nor the time to make a meal like this every night it was a great Thursday night treat. Hopefully I’ll continue to SPICE up my cooking game for the rest of the summer.

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