Spending the Weekend in Vancouver

Being part of the Admissions team as a summer employee has been an amazing experience so far. I have gotten to know the Admissions Counsellors better and I have met many prospective students. In addition, I have had more time to go hiking, running, and just exploring the surrounding environment around the campus. However, at the same time, I have been missing my close friends a lot. Thus, I spent the last weekend in Vancouver, and once again I was reminded how thankful I am to have such amazing people in my life.

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*The highway from Squamish to Vancouver.

Since Martina is living in Vancouver this summer, I spent the whole weekend in her new house. Martina is the very first Quest student I ever met. She is from Italy, thus, at the beginning of the year we both came to campus a couple of days earlier. I remember how nervous I felt that day, because I was about to start a completely new chapter in my life. However, Martina’s laugh and smile made me feel like I had known her for years, and now I had a friend standing next to me. It is extremely nice to have seen how our friendship has grown throughout these months; she is truly one amazing person.

*Martina and I at a nearby beach in Vancouver.

Of course, the very first thing we did on Saturday evening, after taking a long walk in a nearby beach, was searching for a Mediterranean restaurant. We found a small Greek restaurant, named Maria’s Taverna. I ordered Dolmathes and Martina ordered Lamb, and they were both delicious! We even talked to the owner of the restaurant, who was born in Greece but moved to Canada later in life. Since I am from Kosova, only about 70 km away from the Greek border, the owner and I had a lot in common. We  started discussing about some Greek Islands, tourism in Albania, and the current situation in Kosova. I always get excited when I meet people that know where Kosova is located. It does not happened very often.


The following day was even more exciting. We began Sunday morning with some fresh coffee and granola bars at a local café near Martina’s house. Then we headed to Metropolis Mall, where Katie and Ira joined us. I have just begun a new secondary job in a local bakery, where the dress code is black and white, so Martina, Ira, Katie, and I spent most of the time looking for new work clothes. We laughed a lot, and had a great time. Afterwards, we headed to the movie theatre to see a film. We do not have a movie theater in my town in Kosova or in Squamish, so I was very excited! The movie we watched was extremely funny, to the point that I was feeling bad for the woman sitting next to me due to my loud laugh. A couple of times I looked over at my friends faces – they all had red cheeks from laughing so hard. Oh, the memories we are making together!

It does not count as a girls’ day out, unless you stop somewhere to eat. We decided to go to Red Robin, a local burger restaurant, in downtown Vancouver. The view outside was gorgeous, and the food tasted delicious. We discussed a range of topics, from our memories throughout the year to our summer plans.
It was such a great weekend, and it motivated me to keep working harder throughout the week. I have such great friends, whom I cannot wait to get to know better over the next three years. Oh, and I think that by now I should become an official food critic because I have written so many reviews about restaurants (although I do not think I would do very well, considering the fact that I almost always give positive reviews from the awesomeness of the customer service to the deliciousness of the food)!

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